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MAZOWIA Federation
ul. Żytnia 16/31
01-014 Warszawa

phone/fax: +48 22 652 22 66 mazowia@mazowia.engo.pl


MAZOWIA Federation is a network of non-governmental organizations operating in central part of Poland - in Mazowsze Province.
Mission of the Federation is to support development of III sector in Mazowsze Province

 The goal of Federation's actions is:

  • supporting membership organizations
  • offering consultations in field of theory and practise of functioning non governmental organization
  • monitoring local government's actions and activities
  • creating the lobby and representatives of non-governmental organizations to the public sector,
  • working for development of III sector in Mazowsze Province
  • developing international cooperation within III sector

Federation MAZOWIA was established in April 2001

MAZOWIA Federation invites non-governmental organizations which:

are independent:

  • They make decisions on their own on their mission, goals, structure and methods of work
  • They work on the basis of diversified sources of financing
  • They are apolitical - they do not support or create coalitions with any party or political option

are open:

  • Within the framework of the organization's mission everybody can be their client, co-worker and partner
  • They respect the distinctness of the clients, co-worker and partner
  • They respect the distinctness of the clients, co-workers and partners applying no discriminating criteria
  • They operate innovatively

subjectively treat their clients:

  • They have clear and public help criteria which do not violate client's personal welfare
  • They provide help which make clients independent and does not take advantage of them
  • They respect clients needs and decisions when preparing and realizing help strategies
  • They inform about other possibilities of help

operate publicly:

  • They make their statute, action program and information about their principles of work available
  • They make content-related and finance reports known to the public
  • They do not make organization's authorities salaries classified

are reliable:

  • They engage in tasks within their competence and possibilities
  • They do their duty and meet the agreements
  • They operate legally
  • They take care of improvement, development and the highest standard of work
  • They evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their actions
  • They create their image truthfully
  • They take into consideration influence of their actions on the image of the whole non-governmental sector


  • They work together with local communities and volunteers
  • They seek partners in order to solve particular problem
  • They rely on equality of rights, partnership and mutual support
  • They aim at compromise and both sides satisfaction

To become the member of the Federation a non-governmental organization has to:
  • have a legal status,
  • operate in the Mazowsze Province area.

Few words about the history:

In 1997 leaders of a dozen or so of Warsaw non-governmental organizations set up an informal group GRIN, which operated for almost 4 years on the basis of mission and common principles card developed by its members. During this time GRIN tried to support interests of Warsaw organizations in contacting local authorities and cooperated in creating finance principles and local law on organizations, took part in works of commission granting donations.

In the year 2000 on GRIN's initiative a conference was held under the title: "Goals and principles of non-governmental organizations federation in Mazowsze Province", which was the continuation of a similar meeting organized a year before. More than 100 representatives from Mazowsze Province discussed the necessity of setting up their own membership representation. One of the essential results of the conference was the beginning of the preparations to set up a federation of associations in the Mazowsze Region.

In April 2001 the founding meeting of the Federation MAZOWIA was held and representatives of 18 organizations took part in it. That also gave the possibility of a formal registration for new membership organizations open to all interested.

Federation MAZOWIA as a registered entity was established in January 2003. Now it has 42 member organizations.


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